Tonya Simmons

Meet Tonya, Professional Voiceover Actress

Hi! My name is Tonya Simmons.  My first career was as a elementary school teacher. I taught pre-school through 3rd grade.  But, then in 2007, I enrolled in an acting class that literally changed my life.  After my first class, I began investing in many acting classes.  Shortly afterwards, I studied voiceover, experiencing  extraordinary success!   As you can imagine,  I was hooked!  So hooked that I studied acting at various acting schools,  and voiceover  with coaches in Chicago and Los Angeles.  I became obsessed with the art of acting.  The obsession has paid off handsomely.

Fast Forward to the Present

Today, I am a professional voiceover talent and actress. I have appeared in film projects, and theatrical productions.  My voice can be heard in various commercials locally and across the nations.  When I am not on stage, I concentrate my efforts on helping companies by using my voice to promote their businesses.  During my spare time, I enjoy outings with my daughter, eating at restaurants, exercising, yoga, reading, shopping, and blogging.


Height 5’4  |  Weight 113  |  Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

Resume  Demo Reels


“We have used Tonya as a character in our audio adventures and have enjoyed her acting and voiceover talent.  Her pacing an delivery are always what we have hope for!”

Jean-Yves Marsolais

Producer-Trax4Life Media, The Old Compass Adventures